I write the lyrics and the melody to songs, but right now I don't have a music partner to do the instrumentals.  So I've been changing the words to songs.  I wanted to do a song that the disabled could identify with, dance to, and maybe make a video of their own to help educate the public.  When Lady Gaga recorded "Hair", I started messing around with it and being silly, changing it to "Chair".  But the words just came to me because when ever we are seen out in public people put up a fight.  And when we all go to bed we charge our chairs at night.  In the morning we get in our chairs to complete our identity.  Everyone, let us be who we were made to be.

So I kept messing with my idea and came up with my own version in just two days.  Then I kind of dressed up like Lady Gaga and made a fun video of me being as free as my chair.

It's hard for some people to deal with being in a wheelchair.  As a kid I use to spend ours kicking my chair.  I never wanted to walk, I just wanted people to stop talking down to me and treat me as a person.  And I think if their was a disabled artist in a wheelchair, it would have made it easier because it would have educated the public plus motivated me.  So I'm trying to do that for the next generation. 

So I hope this video inspires you to create a video of your own.  I was careful in writing the words so people could have all out fun with it.  Being in a wheelchair is nothing!  It just prevents you from getting tired feet.  So I hope my song and video catches on.  It's a fun way to educate the public.