Kelly Wickham is blind, but she doesn't let that stop her from seeing the glory of God or letting His love shine in her life.  Kelly plays a Q chord.  She sings, writes her own music, and does her own backup vocals on her CDs.  So far she has 16 CDs out of all her own music that beautifully shares how strong and gentle the love of Jesus is.

On the left is a list of sample songs that you can listen to, as well as her "HOME"  CD in it's entirety.  The list on the right are all of Kelly's CDs.

You can obtain ordering information by emailing Kelly.

1. Mercy in the Morning
2. If My People
3. Praise Is the Key
4. Little Is Much
5. Through It All
6. What's in Your Hand
7. Still Looking to Jesus
8. Home
9. Come as You Are
10. Father Knows Best
11. Say the Name
12. Real Joy
13. Rise Above
14. Always Christmas
15. The Only Kind of Love
16. Wonderful Day