How often do we forget that we don't need to go half way around the world to change someone's life?  All we really have to do to is find people in need in our own communities, help them out, and share God's love for them.

Sometimes bills get in the way of being able to minister to people.  That's why Crossroads Church in Cleveland is installing solar panels, to get rid of their electric bill.  After all, why pay for man made power each month when the money could be going into helping people understand the power of God.

As an affiliate of Amazon, THE FLAME OF HOPE is promoting GT And The Halo Express.  Teaching kids God's word through song while a story line helps them to understand how to apply God's word, will help their faith grow in God.

Amazon seems to be out of stock of most of the CD's.  You can direct order from the GT website.  When you do, please tell them Snoopi Botten sent you.