Thank you for your interest in the USB of songs and inspiration.  This USB contains songs in MP3 format that are both with and without music. 

The SONGS folder includes the music, and the VOCALS folder has no music.  The vocals may start with a long pause because they are in sync with the music of the song.

The VOCALS folder has no music.  This is so you can have someone play a piano, or you can sing with any backup you want.

The VIDEOES folder has both inspirational and educational videos.  I have videos on how to take coats, glasses, and socks on and off.  I have the concert I did with Peter Yarrow, because I think it's a wonderful motivator.  I have various presentations that I gave, because I think it raises the bar for the disabled community.  And of course I have music videos.  Everything is blended together, so you will have to sort through them.

The PRC folder might be discontinued because I might be switching to a more universal use.  The PRC folder contains two pages that can only be loaded into PRC devices.  Each page is a song, but each line is stored under an icon so that a person can sing one part at a time.  The songs are; "THE HOKEY POKEY" and "'THE 12 DATS OF CHRISTMAS".

The DECTALK folder contains various versions and languages of Dectalk which runs on most PC's.  It also includes "DECTALK 101", which teaches how to read music, and how to program Dectalk to sing.  It also contains roughly 1200 song files in text files that are saved in both .en and .txt formats.  This way you can see how songs are programmed and you can change stuff and see how it sounds.
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