On March 1, 2018 I'm going to Arizona to do a sing-a-long with disabled kids who are just starting to use AAC.  To help fund-raise for the trip, I am releasing a new product.

A lot of my files are on my website and can be downloaded for free.  However, you have to download each file one by one.  Plus, not all places have the internet. 

Yes, this USB has most of my songs on it.  For PRC devices, there are MP3 pages which can be loaded for fast access to songs.  It Also has two interactive song pages, the "Hokey Pokey", and "The 12 Days Of Christmas".

For professionals, parents, and the disabled community, I have provided 3 dressing videos.  Even if a disabled person can't do things the way I do, it's a starting place.

I have a lot of videos on here.  I have a concert I did with Peter Yarrow, a radio interview, and so on.  I share these in hopes of sending a message.  A disability only guides people to things they can do.  If you expect anything but the best from a child, they won't get very far in life.
you can either buy a USB Drive, or simply donate.
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Address to and put
"Order" In the subject.