This CD contains 23 hymns. 
you can sample the fallowing three
Songs from the CD.

This CD took over 2 years to make because I had a dilemma.  I wanted to do a CD of traditional hymns because so many people like hymns.  But I didn't want to do them all in the traditional style.i grew up in the Lutheran Church, but I'm more Charismatic then anything.  So I ended up doing both the traditional style as well as my kind of styles. 

I want to give a big thank you to Blake Roberts because he programmed some of the hymns.  But more than that, I'm key deaf, so Blake will often help me get the music in the same key as Dectalk is singing in.  That is a real help to me.  I use to be embarrassed about being key deaf until I realized that many musicians are key deaf.  I can program Dectalk to sing in any key, just don't ask me what the key is.

I also want to igknowledge Alf Willis from the United Kingdom.   I met him on Facebook through another Facebook friend named Heath Dana.  We have never met, but Alf and i kind of made history by recording a duet through the internet called "where could I go.  I told him how I needed him to record his harmonies and what format to  use, then once it was e-mailed to me, I mixed his part together with the Dectalk vocals. 

I hope you enjoy my CD "A HYMN FOR HIM".
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