One year at the Pittsburgh Employment Conference (PEC) I was asked to give a talk on how to get a job.  because I got my first job at age 16 and had been working all my life, the topic was easy for me.  I later put my talk on CD but was never released.  I just found this CD on my computer and decided to release it.  After my talk, I selected a bunch of songs that I felt would motivate people into finding a job.

Normally I agree with following the laws of the Government.  But because not only do they think that disabled people can't work, but they take away benefits if you do.  Why bother giving the disabled an equal education if they are not expected to get and hold a job?  So the easiest way around it is to get hired under a 1099 and simply don't file it.  Then use as a method of payment so nothing can be traced.  If you for some reason can't do that; you can open a trust fund, take a lower salary, get paid in cash, and the list goes on.  So if you want to work, listen to my CD, then keep your job a secret.