When I first got into music it was for personal enjoyment.  I was always a computer geek, so when I was told a device could never sing, I was always told stuff couldn't be done, so I never took anyone seriously.  It took me a year and a half to get one sound on the device to sing because I couldn't understand the phonetic coding.  It took me like 2 years after that before I could program a song because it was so hard to understand.  I had no one to learn from.  And when word got around that I was programming devices to sing, people started writing me and requesting songs so they too could sing.

So God kind of dumped this worldwide music ministry in my lap.  I never heard of Da Vinci before I got the Da Vanci Award.  I know now that he was ahead of his time in many ways.  Oh how I can relate!  I'm 45 years old now with dreams of someday getting the Dove award.  I don't want it just for me, I want it because I think it will help restore America.  In my eyes, no one knows how to really work for what they have any more, and the value of life has been lost.  If I ever get a manager, I know I have what it takes to make it.  My Mom and Dad had music in their blood and it was past to me.  I strongly feel I was meant to sing to the world because I can't stop.  And if I sell enough CDs to get the Dove Award, I want to set a very high expectation of what Jesus Christ can do for anyone that gives there life to Him.

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