If you have a disabled child and you think you need to dress him or her because you think it's too much work for them, you are actually hurting your child.  And if you are an adult and you want to do more for yourself, it's never too late.

Maybe this is not exactly what Jesus meant by clothing the naked.  Yet I can't help but question that.  I'm a disabled Pastor, and by not teaching people how to dress themselves, I am leaving them naked until someone does it for them.  And if a home health care person calls off sick, they could remain in bed for days until someone shows up.

So, I'm doing a bunch of how to dress videos.  And I am available to come and teach a one week dressing class.  The word "Can't" is not allowed in my class because I do not know that word!  If something can't be done one way, you can always do it another.  You just might need a lot of practice and you might need to try several different ways before you find what works for you.

These videos are just samples of how things can be done.  In my dressing classes I can teach a group of kids or adults fast ways to dress and undress.  But I can also work with individuals as well.