Whenever we talk to anyone, it's sometimes a gamble as to how they will take what we have to say.  Hopefully our words have some kind of a good impact.  But perhaps more often than not we just never know.

But there's another kind of gabling; such as in a casino or a race track, where you basically put your faith in chance or lady luck.  And usually the games are rigged so you win just enough to get you hooked before you lose everything.  It's hard to stop because it's easy to think that if you keep feeding a money eating machine, it will soon pay off.  Oh it pays off alright, it has you eventually walking away with no house, no family, and no sell-esteem.

Sometimes all we can do is say "Lord, help me Jesus".  It's a hard thing to do when you have no idea when or how God will answer your prayer.  But, He will answer you.