One of my real joys is speaking, preaching, and giving concerts because God gave me those gifts.  For parents of a disabled child, it raises expectations because they get to see the end result of all the therapies and everything they will or are going through.  For the disabled person, they have a roll model.  And for everyone else, they get the desire to come to Jesus and see how God will use them.

The is about a 20 minute testimony that I did at an adult Sunday School.  Unfortunately, this video was done before I found out that the only reason I was born was because my Mom waited until after the 10th week.  Today, abortions can be done at any time.  If you are pregnant and thinking about aborting, I want you to think of how you will rob the world if you kill the person that no one will ever get to know?  If I had been aborted, A lot of disabled people would not be able to sing today.  What might your child do if given a chance to live?

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