When I first got into music I had the honor of meeting Lori Dokken.  She had an open mic where I ended up regularly singing.  It was there that I learned music, comedy, and all the things that I'm now known for.  Lori and the girls helped me do a CD called "JAM" back in 2001 when I was living in Minnesota.  It's now 2014 and because my health is going down hill I'm not sure how much longer I have to live.  I now have a new Doctor, a different treatment plan, and people praying for me.  So I'm fine until I get another infection, then who knows.

I accidentally found Lori and the girls on youtube and started getting ideas in my head.  I'm dangerous because with all the audio software I now have I can do anything.  So with what I found on youtube I wanted to create a "JAM 2".  I was laughing in my head because it would be totally illegal.  Then I got the crazy idea of titling the CD "TOTALLY ILLEGAL'.  So um, the CD basically created itself.  I'm hoping this CD inspires all who hear it.

I'm not charging for this CD because it wouldn't be right.  Lori use to sell CDs on her sight but I'm not finding them.  The video that is playing is basically what I used to create this CD.  So if you like what you hear, please contact Lori and find out how you can support her.
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