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[SND]01 DEPRESSION AND LEARNING TO DANCE.mp32013-11-30 16:07 11540k
[SND]02 I HOPE YOU DANCE.mp32013-11-30 16:08 4493k
[SND]03 MEET BLAKE ROBERTS.mp32013-11-30 16:08 964k
[SND]04 BLAKE.mp32013-11-30 16:09 11282k
[SND]05 I MADE IT THROUGH THE RAIN.mp32013-11-30 16:10 2890k
[SND]06 THANK YOU BLAKE.mp32013-11-30 16:10 2296k
[SND]07 HERO.mp32013-11-30 16:11 3999k
[SND]08 MEET BARRY AND ROBIN.mp32013-11-30 16:12 10029k
[SND]09 BARRY.mp32013-11-30 16:12 1778k
[SND]10 ROBIN.mp32013-11-30 16:13 2671k
[SND]11 THANK YOU ROBIN.mp32013-11-30 16:13 3118k
[SND]12 THE CLIMB.mp32013-11-30 16:14 3521k
[SND]13 BAD DAY.mp32013-11-30 16:14 2635k
[SND]15 FINAL THOUGHTS.mp32013-11-30 16:14 487k
[SND]16 WE ARE THE WORLD.mp32013-11-30 16:15 5237k
[SND]17 CHARIOTS OF FIRE.mp32013-11-30 16:16 6135k
[CMP]ALL TRACKS.zip2013-11-30 16:26 71783k
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