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[SND]IMITATION VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:36 150k
[SND]HAPPY BIRTHDAY VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:02 293k
[SND]DEEP AS IS VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:33 398k
[SND]THAT'S WHY WE PRAISE TALK VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:15 441k
[SND]HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:13 736k
[SND]TWO FRONT VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:28 774k
[SND]NATIONAL ANTHEM VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:22 805k
[SND]YOU ARE HOLY BACKUP VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:52 859k
[SND]THIS IS THE DAY VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:23 929k
[SND]THIS IS MY COMMANDMENT VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:22 992k
[SND]ANY MAN OF MINE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 10:58 997k
[SND]MY TWO FRONT TEETH VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:22 1076k
[SND]AWAY IN A MANGER VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 10:59 1158k
[SND]HOW MAJESTIC IS YOUR NAME VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:17 1197k
[SND]DO YOU KNOW THE WAY TO SAN JOSE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:37 1208k
[SND]VICTORY CHANT VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:31 1269k
[SND]I'D LIKE TO TEACH THE WORLD TO SING VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:30 1281k
[SND]WHAT A FRIEND WE HAVE IN JESUS VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:37 1286k
[SND]ROCKY TOP VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:55 1364k
[SND]CHANGE MY HEART OH GOD VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:21 1371k
[SND]HESUS VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:08 1377k
[SND]8 DAYS OF HANUKKAH VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 10:47 1391k
[SND]IT'S NOT EASY BEING GREEN VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:40 1391k
[SND]OH MAGNIFY THE LORD VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:30 1402k
[SND]ABOVE ALL ELSE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 10:48 1423k
[SND]LONELY GOATHERD VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:59 1429k
[SND]DO RE MI VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:35 1434k
[SND]QUE SERA SERA VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:45 1455k
[SND]I WILL CALL UPON THE LORD VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:29 1461k
[SND]CAN'T BUY ME LOVE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:18 1496k
[SND]LET US BREAK BREAD TOGETHER VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:56 1501k
[SND]I'M A YANKE DOODLE ADVOCATE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:33 1504k
[SND]WONDERFUL WORDS OF LIFE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:47 1506k
[SND]OPENING VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:36 1533k
[SND]SEEK FIRST VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:58 1554k
[SND]GLORIFY THY NAME VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:58 1558k
[SND]RED ROSES FOR A BLUE LADY VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:48 1566k
[SND]I SAW THE LIGHT VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:27 1584k
[SND]BLUE BAYOU VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:10 1597k
[SND]I HAVE DECIDED TO FALLOW JESUS VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:22 1598k
[SND]CHRIST THE LORD VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:23 1615k
[SND]THERE'S A KIND OF HUSH VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:21 1634k
[SND]WINGS OF A DOVE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:45 1644k
[SND]DECK THE HALLS VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:33 1647k
[SND]DREAM ON LITTLE DREAMER VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:40 1647k
[SND]CIRCLE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:26 1655k
[SND]PASS VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:38 1655k
[SND]OH HOW I LOVE JESUS VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:30 1659k
[SND]beauty and the beast slow vocals.mp32014-08-13 11:02 1668k
[SND]RUBBER DUCKY VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:55 1669k
[SND]LITTLE IS MUCH VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:58 1687k
[SND]HOLY HOLY HOLY VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:12 1688k
[SND]ON THE WINGS OF A DOVE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:32 1704k
[SND]SING VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:02 1722k
[SND]KUM BA YAH VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:53 1723k
[SND]PRECIOUS LORD TAKE MY HAND VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:43 1723k
[SND]I FOUND REST VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:21 1727k
[SND]A SHEILD ABOUT ME VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 10:47 1747k
[SND]MADE TO LOVE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:06 1766k
[SND]ROCKIN ROBIN VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:53 1766k
[SND]SLEIGH RIDE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:02 1769k
[SND]HIT ME WITH YOUR BEST SHOT VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:10 1771k
[SND]HOPES SET HIGH VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:14 1777k
[SND]ALL FOR THE LOVE OF A GIRL VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 10:52 1784k
[SND]KING OF THE ROAD VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:52 1790k
[SND]DRUMMER BOY PEACE ON EARTH VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:41 1807k
[SND]SWEET SWEET SMILE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:11 1813k
[SND]POWER IN THE BLOOD VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:42 1818k
[SND]LOVES ME LIKE A ROCK VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:05 1828k
[SND]PUT A LITTLE LOVE IN YOUR HEART VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:45 1836k
[SND]FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:53 1839k
[SND]GONE THE RAINBOW VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:59 1841k
[SND]SEEK YE FIRST VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:58 1842k
[SND]NEVER MY LOVE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:23 1850k
[SND]8 DAYS A WEEK VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 10:47 1850k
[SND]THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:23 1851k
[SND]YES GOD IS REAL VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:49 1862k
[SND]CELEBRATE THE GIFT VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:20 1865k
[SND]MY GIRL VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:19 1867k
[SND]IF I HAD A VOCA VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:34 1869k
[SND]MANSION OVER THE HILLTOP VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:10 1869k
[SND]UNDER THE BOARDWALK VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:31 1875k
[SND]SILENT NIGHT VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:00 1877k
[SND]STANDING ON THE PROMISES VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:09 1877k
[SND]WHEN THE PARTIES OVER VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:40 1878k
[SND]LET IT REIGN VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:55 1878k
[SND]COOL WATER VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:27 1886k
[SND]LORD I LIFT YOUR NAME ON HIGH VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:01 1889k
[SND]MOUNTAIN OF LOVE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:18 1896k
[SND]SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:06 1898k
[SND]TIS SO SWEET TO TRUST IN JESUS VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:26 1898k
[SND]SAIL ON VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:56 1908k
[SND]ANNIE'S SONG VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 10:57 1914k
[SND]YANKEE DOODLE SLOW VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:48 1934k
[SND]I JUST CAN'T WAIT TO BE KING VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:24 1943k
[SND]SOME DAYS ARE DIAMONDS VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:04 1964k
[SND]TOP OF THE WORLD VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:27 1969k
[SND]AWESOME GOD VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:00 1971k
[SND]ACHY BREAKY HEART VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 10:49 1977k
[SND]GYPSIES TRAMPS AND THIEVES VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:01 1979k
[SND]THANK YOU LORD VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:14 1985k
[SND]MON PAY BLEU MALE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:15 1987k
[SND]COME NOW IS THE TIME TO WORSHIP VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:27 1988k
[SND]MON PAY BLEU FEMALE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:15 1988k
[SND]BRAND NEW KEY VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:12 2011k
[SND]HE IS ABLE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:04 2012k
[SND]CIRCLE GAVE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:25 2015k
[SND]SATURDAY NIGHT VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:56 2023k
[SND]BIG YELLO TAXI VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:07 2024k
[SND]HOW MAJESTIC IS YOUR NAME 2 VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:17 2025k
[SND]SILVER BELLS VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:01 2028k
[SND]I WON'T BACK DOWN VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:29 2036k
[SND]EVERYDAY PEOPLE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:45 2036k
[SND]I STAND IN AWE OF YOU VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:28 2039k
[SND]LIFT UP THE LORD VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:56 2040k
[SND]HEART OF GOLD VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:05 2047k
[SND]I'LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:31 2047k
[SND]BLOWN IN THE WIND VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:10 2052k
[SND]JESUS AND ME VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:43 2052k
[SND]jJESUS AND ME VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:47 2052k
[SND]MY LIFE IS IN YOU LORD VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:21 2055k
[SND]GREAT SPECKLED BIRD VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:01 2056k
[SND]JUST A LITTLE TALK WITH JESUS VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:48 2058k
[SND]I LOVE TRASH VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:26 2058k
[SND]WHERE COULD I GO VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:40 2058k
[SND]JESUS YOUR NAME VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:47 2060k
[SND]HOUSEHOLD OF FAITH VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:15 2064k
[SND]JUST A CLOSER WALK WITH THEE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:48 2065k
[SND]MARY DID YOU KNOW VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:11 2066k
[SND]HOPRLESSLY DEVOTED VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:14 2068k
[SND]CAN'T SMILE WITHOUT YOU VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:18 2079k
[SND]BORN TO BE SOMEBODY VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:12 2080k
[SND]TIN MAN VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:25 2085k
[SND]merry Christmas vocals.mp32014-08-13 13:12 2090k
[SND]FRIENDS WITH YOU VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:56 2101k
[SND]SING TO THE LORD VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:02 2104k
[SND]IT'S YOUR BLOOD VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:41 2112k
[SND]OB LA DI OB LA DA VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:27 2112k
[SND]PASS IT ON VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:38 2116k
[SND]THINK ABOUT HIS LOVE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:21 2122k
[SND]OPEN ARMS VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:35 2123k
[SND]HEAVEN IS IN MY HEART VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:07 2123k
[SND]GOOD NIGHT IRENE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:00 2126k
[SND]AMAZING GRACE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 10:54 2142k
[SND]UNEXPECTED FRIENDS VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:31 2148k
[SND]FACE TO FAITH VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:48 2158k
[SND]PLEASE MISTER PLEASE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:41 2164k
[SND]I LOVE ROCK N ROLL VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:25 2168k
[SND]MUSIC VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:18 2172k
[SND]SPIRIT IN THE SKY VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:07 2174k
[SND]COULD I HAVE THIS DANCE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:28 2176k
[SND]BRING HIM HOME VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:14 2179k
[SND]BLACK AND WHITE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:08 2180k
[SND]THE LORD IS MY LIGHT VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:19 2180k
[SND]BILLY DON'T BE A HERO VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:07 2182k
[SND]3 IS A MAGIC NUMBER VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:59 2188k
[SND]BLACK OR WHITE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:08 2228k
[SND]waiting to exhale vocals.mp32014-08-13 14:32 2228k
[SND]TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:26 2228k
[SND]RIVER LADY VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:51 2234k
[SND]SO FAR VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:03 2237k
[SND]POUR ON THE POWER VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:42 2239k
[SND]YOU LIGHT UP MY LIFE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:55 2239k
[SND]FREE TO BE YOU AND ME VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:55 2240k
[SND]HAVE YOU EVER BEEN MELLOW VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:03 2242k
[SND]CHARIOTS OF FIRE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:22 2243k
[SND]I LOVE A RAINY NIGHT VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:25 2246k
[SND]FAITH TO VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:49 2248k
[SND]SOUND OF GOODBYE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:07 2256k
[SND]THREE WOODEN CROSSES VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:24 2265k
[SND]COME BEFORE HIM VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:27 2266k
[SND]SHAMBALA VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:59 2269k
[SND]TESTIFY TO LOVE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:13 2274k
[SND]LOVE CAN OPEN THE DOOR VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:02 2279k
[SND]I BELIEVE IN JESUS VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:19 2283k
[SND]DON'T LAUGH AT ME VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:37 2285k
[SND]EXALT THE NAME 2 VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:46 2290k
[SND]EXALT THE NAME VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:46 2290k
[SND]EVERY MOVE I MAKE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:45 2299k
[SND]NICK OF TIME VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:25 2300k
[SND]HALLELUJAH CHORUS VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:02 2306k
[SND]TICKET TO RIDE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:25 2307k
[SND]DYNAMITE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:43 2310k
[SND]THE LAST SONG VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:18 2316k
[SND]IT IS NO SECRET VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:40 2317k
[SND]HAIL HOLY QUEEN VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:02 2318k
[SND]THROUGH IT ALL VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:24 2331k
[SND]I SWEAR VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:28 2332k
[SND]MOTION OF MERCY VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:18 2336k
[SND]WALK WITH UOU VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:33 2341k
[SND]NEW YORK NEW YORK VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:25 2342k
[SND]MAGGIE MAY VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:06 2348k
[SND]YOU NEEDED ME VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:56 2349k
[SND]XANADU VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:48 2352k
[SND]KENTUCKY RAIN VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:50 2354k
[SND]where I belong vocals.mp32014-08-13 14:40 2360k
[SND]CENTERFOLD VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:20 2364k
[SND]FRIENDS IN LOW PLACES 2 VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:55 2371k
[SND]I NEED THEE EVERY HOUR VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:27 2375k
[SND]PUFF THE MAGIC DRAGON VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:44 2379k
[SND]BAD DAY VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:01 2379k
[SND]REIGN IN ME VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:49 2382k
[SND]WINTER WONDERLAND VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:45 2383k
[SND]DEEPER THAN THE NIGHT VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:34 2384k
[SND]CHRISTMAS MAGIC 2 VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:24 2385k
[SND]CHRISTMAS MAGIC VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:24 2386k
[SND]SWEET CAROLINE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:10 2392k
[SND]BEAUTY AND THE BEAST VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:03 2395k
[SND]RAINY DAYS AND MONDAYS VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:47 2396k
[SND]ONE DAY AT A TIME VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:34 2397k
[SND]COME AND FILL ME UP VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:26 2399k
[SND]EXYHALE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:47 2404k
[SND]SHINE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:59 2406k
[SND]FLY AWAY VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:50 2411k
[SND]WITHOUT YOU VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:46 2411k
[SND]HEART OF WORSHIP VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:06 2412k
[SND]AT CALVARY VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 10:59 2413k
[SND]PAPARAZZI VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:37 2422k
[SND]YOU DECORATED MY LIFE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:54 2424k
[SND]CALYPSO VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:17 2427k
[SND]DAYS VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:32 2428k
[SND]BROKEN HEARTED ME VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:15 2440k
[SND]HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:16 2441k
[SND]I AM VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:18 2443k
[SND]SHE THINKS MY TRACYORS SEXY VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:59 2447k
[SND]BETTER THAN A HALLELUJAH VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:06 2447k
[SND]ISLANDS IN THE STREAM VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:40 2449k
[SND]LET IT RISE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:55 2450k
[SND]YOU GOT IT VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:55 2453k
[SND]LOVE LIFTED ME VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:03 2478k
[SND]I WAS HERE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:29 2479k
[SND]WE ALL BOW DOWN VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:34 2479k
[SND]BABY BABY VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:00 2482k
[SND]LONG LOOK VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:00 2490k
[SND]JUST THE WAY YOU ARE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:50 2497k
[SND]IF YOU COULD READ MY MIND VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:36 2510k
[SND]WONDERFUL ONE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:46 2511k
[SND]PHYSICAL VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:41 2512k
[SND]TELEPHONE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:13 2518k
[SND]LET IT BE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:54 2525k
[SND]CANDLES VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:19 2526k
[SND]I WORSHIP YOU VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:30 2534k
[SND]BUILD MY WORLD VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:16 2537k
[SND]JUST AS I AM VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:49 2547k
[SND]MERRY CHRISTMAS WITH LOVE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:13 2548k
[SND]SHOUT TO THE LORD VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:00 2548k
[SND]YOU RAISE ME UP VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:56 2561k
[SND]THE CLIME VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:17 2563k
[SND]TOO MUCH VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:27 2565k
[SND]BETTY DAVIS EYES VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:06 2571k
[SND]I'LL BE THERE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:32 2576k
[SND]THE WOMAN IN ME VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:20 2579k
[SND]DANIEL 5 VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:30 2585k
[SND]DANIEL VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:31 2585k
[SND]RHINESTONE COWBOY VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:50 2586k
[SND]saving all my love for you vocals.mp32014-08-13 13:57 2595k
[SND]ANGELS WATCHING OVER ME VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 10:57 2603k
[SND]SOMEONE UP THERE LOVES ME VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:05 2607k
[SND]GREAT IS THY FAITHFULNESS VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:01 2610k
[SND]CHERISH VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:22 2611k
[SND]STRONG ENOUGH VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:10 2612k
[SND]HERE I AM VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:07 2616k
[SND]NEVER SAY NEVER VOCALS 2.mp32014-08-13 13:23 2620k
[SND]NEVER SAY NEVER VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:24 2621k
[SND]ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 10:54 2622k
[SND]WIND BENEATH MY WINGS VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:44 2622k
[SND]WALKING IN MEMPHIS VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:33 2625k
[SND]I have a dream vocals.mp32014-08-13 12:21 2629k
[SND]BROKENHEARTED VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:15 2633k
[SND]IN THE NAME OF LOVE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:39 2647k
[SND]AFTER ALL - FEMALE.mp32014-08-13 10:50 2650k
[SND]AFTER ALL - MALE.mp32014-08-13 10:50 2650k
[SND]YOU SAVE ME VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:57 2651k
[SND]HEAVEN CAME DOWN VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:06 2653k
[SND]I'LL MAKE LOVE TO YOU VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:32 2655k
[SND]I LOVE THIS BAR VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:25 2664k
[SND]MY REDEEMER LIVES VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:21 2667k
[SND]BEAUTY SCHOOL DROP OUT VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:03 2676k
[SND]LOVE TOUCH VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:04 2680k
[SND]THE LOVE OF JESUS VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:19 2684k
[SND]PUMPED UP KICKS VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:45 2689k
[SND]JESUS FRIEND OF SINNERS VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:43 2691k
[SND]MIDNIGHT BLUE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:14 2699k
[SND]I HOPE YOU DANCE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:23 2701k
[SND]YOU ALONE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:50 2707k
[SND]JUMP VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:48 2708k
[SND]believe vocals.mp32014-08-13 11:05 2709k
[SND]LOVE STORY VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:03 2710k
[SND]GIVE ME JESUS VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:57 2711k
[SND]ANGEL BAND VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 10:56 2711k
[SND]SLIP SLIDING AWAY VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:03 2716k
[SND]FAIREST LORD JESYS VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:48 2717k
[SND]IT'S SHOUTING TIME IN HEAVEN VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:41 2725k
[SND]HOME FREE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:13 2726k
[SND]SAY YOU'LL BE THERE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:57 2731k
[SND]ANYWAY VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 10:58 2733k
[SND]JUST LIKE JESSE JAAME VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:49 2734k
[SND]HOME WILL FIND YOU VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:14 2734k
[SND]VICTORY IN JESUS VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:32 2736k
[SND]FOREVER YOUNG VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:54 2738k
[SND]IMMORTALITY VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:37 2740k
[SND]CIRCLE OF LIFE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:25 2746k
[SND]OH HAPPY DAY VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:29 2757k
[SND]THAT'S WHAT FRIENDS ARE FOR VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:14 2762k
[SND]I MADE IT THROUGH THE RAIN VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:26 2768k
[SND]POKER FACE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:42 2768k
[SND]ON EAGLE'S WINGS VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:31 2769k
[SND]OCEAN FLOOR VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:28 2777k
[SND]ANGELS AMONG US VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 10:57 2783k
[SND]OCEAN FLOUR VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:28 2787k
[SND]PAPA DON'T PREACH VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:37 2791k
[SND]RHYTHM OF MY HEART VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:50 2795k
[SND]BREATHE 2 VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:12 2795k
[SND]drift away vocals.mp32014-08-13 11:40 2799k
[SND]delima vocals.mp32014-08-13 11:34 2803k
[SND]THE POWER OF GOODBYE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:20 2807k
[SND]ALL THE MAN THAT I NEED VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 10:53 2809k
[SND]YESTERDAY ONCE MORE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:50 2810k
[SND]BECAUSE HE LIVES VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:04 2819k
[SND]JESUS IS OUR KING VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:44 2819k
[SND]LOLA VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:59 2824k
[SND]DON'T TAKE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:39 2825k
[SND]IF THAT ISN'T LOVE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:35 2827k
[SND]SWEET MUSIC MAN VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:11 2827k
[SND]IF I WANT TO VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:35 2835k
[SND]SONG OF LOVE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:06 2839k
[SND]HOLY AND ANOINTED ONE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:11 2845k
[SND]MAKE IT TILL TOMORROW VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:08 2846k
[SND]OLD RUGGED CROSS VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:31 2849k
[SND]WHAT I'M LOOKIN FOR VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:37 2851k
[SND]TIDE IS HIGH VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:25 2854k
[SND]YOU ARE HOLY LEAD VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:52 2863k
[SND]WE BELONG VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:36 2865k
[SND]DRIFT VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:41 2869k
[SND]A SONG FOR THE LONELY VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 10:48 2874k
[SND]ABOVE ALL VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 10:49 2880k
[SND]LONG BLACK TRAIN VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:00 2881k
[SND]DRAW ME CLOSE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:39 2886k
[SND]I CAN ONLY IMAGINE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:20 2888k
[SND]WHEN I FALL IN LOVE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:38 2888k
[SND]AS THE DEER VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 10:59 2889k
[SND]YOU ARE HOLY AJUSTED VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:52 2889k
[SND]YOU ARE HOLY - SNOOPI BOTTEN C VOCALS2.mp32014-08-13 14:51 2889k
[SND]CRAZY FOR YOU.vocals.mp32014-08-13 11:29 2890k
[SND]THIS IS THE DAY FULL VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:23 2892k
[SND]DO THAT TO ME ONE MORE TIME VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:36 2892k
[SND]DAYS OF ELIJAH VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:32 2892k
[SND]DON'T STOP BELIEVING VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:38 2898k
[SND]WHAT SIN VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:38 2899k
[SND]BLESSED BE YOUR NAME VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:09 2918k
[SND]HOW BEAUTIFUL VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:15 2921k
[SND]TOUCH OF THE MASTER'S HAND VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:28 2925k
[SND]II'LL GIVE YOU PEACE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:36 2944k
[SND]JESUS VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:46 2946k
[SND]MAGIC VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:07 2946k
[SND]HERO VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:08 2948k
[SND]SPIRIT VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:08 2951k
[SND]BLEEDING LOVE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:09 2955k
[SND]BORN THIS WAY VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:11 2959k
[SND]FOR THOSE TEARS VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:53 2961k
[SND]ALL THIS TIME VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 10:53 2961k
[SND]HE WILL CARRY YOU VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:05 2963k
[SND]MY HEART WILL GO ON VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:20 2964k
[SND]I'LL REMEMBER VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:33 2966k
[SND]DON'T TAKE AWAY MY HEAVEN VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:38 2977k
[SND]FIND IT ON THE WINGS VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:50 2977k
[SND]YOU'RE SO VAIN VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:57 2977k
[SND]MERCIFUL HEAVEN VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:11 2995k
[SND]FRIENDS IN LOW PLACES VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:56 3004k
[SND]ROCKET MAN VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:53 3007k
[SND]I JUST CALLED TO SAY I LOVE YOU VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:24 3014k
[SND]LIKE A PRAYER VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:57 3016k
[SND]rock of ages vocals.mp32014-08-13 13:52 3023k
[SND]MAKE HIS PRAISE GLORIOUS VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:07 3024k
[SND]FROM A DISTANCE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:57 3025k
[SND]DO YOU HEAR WHAT I HEAR VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:37 3042k
[SND]exhale vocals.mp32014-08-13 11:47 3049k
[SND]WHO AM I VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:42 3057k
[SND]FOR ALL THE WORLD VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:51 3066k
[SND]RISE AGAIN VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:51 3074k
[SND]AIR THAT I BREATHE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 10:51 3077k
[SND]AMAZING LOVE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 10:55 3083k
[SND]CROWN HIM VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:30 3084k
[SND]I'LL FLY AWAY VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:31 3087k
[SND]MORE LOVE MORE POWER VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:16 3088k
[SND]RUDOLPH FROSTY VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:56 3090k
[SND]MERCY IS FALLING VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:12 3097k
[SND]ONE MORE SONG FOR YOU VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:34 3102k
[SND]I SEE THE LORD VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:28 3108k
[SND]THE DAY VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:18 3108k
[SND]BECAUSE YOU LOVE ME VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:04 3116k
[SND]SWEETER MEDLEY VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:12 3122k
[SND]EROTICA VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:44 3122k
[SND]COUNT ON ME VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:28 3127k
[SND]WOULDN'T TRADE IT FOR THE WOULD VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:47 3136k
[SND]ROCK VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:52 3152k
[SND]KNOWING YOU VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:52 3160k
[SND]SING TO THE KING VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:01 3162k
[SND]WHERE THE NAILS WERE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:41 3168k
[SND]HIGHER THAN I'VE EVER BEEN VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:09 3173k
[SND]IN CHRIST VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:38 3173k
[SND]JESUS LOVES ME VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:44 3174k
[SND]WATERFALLS VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:34 3192k
[SND]MORE THAN WONDERFUL FRMALE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:17 3197k
[SND]MORE THAN WONDERFUL MALE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:17 3197k
[SND]UNCLOUDED DAY VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:30 3198k
[SND]ONCE AND FOR ALL VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:33 3199k
[SND]BY MY SPIRIT VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:17 3213k
[SND]AGNUS DEI VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 10:51 3219k
[SND]THIS IS THE AIR I BREATHE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:22 3221k
[SND]I HAVE DECIDED TO FOLLOW JESUS VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:22 3224k
[SND]LOVE WILL BE OUR HOME VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:04 3224k
[SND]PRECIOUS MEMORIES VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:44 3224k
[SND]NEAR THE CROSS VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:22 3256k
[SND]WHEN LIFE GETS BOKEN VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:39 3273k
[SND]MESSAGE OF THE CROSS VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:13 3286k
[SND]LOVE IN ANY LANGUAGE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:02 3293k
[SND]LISTEN TO OUR HEARTS VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:57 3308k
[SND]IN HEAVEN'S EYES VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:39 3315k
[SND]BETHLEHAM MORNING VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:05 3318k
[SND]PEOPLE GET READY VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:40 3322k
[SND]RAIN DOWN VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:46 3332k
[SND]SOMETIMES BY STEP VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:06 3332k
[SND]DAY HE WORE MY CROWN VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:31 3345k
[SND]THE DAY HE WORE MY CROWN VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:17 3351k
[SND]RAIN VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:47 3362k
[SND]THE BOXER VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:16 3367k
[SND]RED LIGHT SPECIAL VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:48 3373k
[SND]OPEN THE EYES OF MY HEART VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:36 3397k
[SND]who will vocals.mp32014-08-13 14:44 3416k
[SND]GOD OF WONDERS VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:58 3424k
[SND]BAD ROMANCE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:02 3429k
[SND]REIGN DOWN VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:49 3431k
[SND]he reigns vocals.mp32014-08-13 12:04 3445k
[SND]I CAN FLY VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:19 3446k
[SND]MY DELIVEROR VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:19 3447k
[SND]ONE OF US VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:35 3449k
[SND]GREAT IS THE LORD VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:00 3451k
[SND]MOMMA VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:15 3467k
[SND]FOR THE CHILDREN OF THE WORLD VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:51 3490k
[SND]MAKER VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:09 3501k
[SND]EDGE OF GLORY VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:43 3503k
[SND]HOW GREAT THOU ART VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:16 3513k
[SND]FEVER VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:49 3520k
[SND]NEW KID IN TOWN VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:24 3528k
[SND]LITTLE STAR VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:58 3529k
[SND]EMPTY GARDEN VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:44 3533k
[SND]IN CHRIST ALONE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:37 3534k
[SND]BAD GIRL VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:01 3538k
[SND]THAT'S WHY WE PRAISE HIM VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:15 3546k
[SND]LAST VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:53 3549k
[SND]KILLING ME SOFTLY VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:51 3558k
[SND]THE BATTLE BELONGS TO THE LORD VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:16 3565k
[SND]MAKER 2 VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:09 3567k
[SND]KILLING ME VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:51 3571k
[SND]JESUS YOU ARE MY LORD VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:46 3574k
[SND]TAKE A BOW VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:13 3580k
[SND]CHAIR VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:21 3591k
[SND]ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGH VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:54 3592k
[SND]LOSE MY SOUL VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:01 3629k
[SND]TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HEART VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:28 3668k
[SND]MY JESUS I LOVE THEE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:21 3671k
[SND]I'M TRADING MY SARROWS VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:34 3678k
[SND]BUTTERFLY KISSES VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:16 3689k
[SND]MAN IN THE MIRROR VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:10 3694k
[SND]PRAISE MEDLEY VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:43 3694k
[SND]FOREVER VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:54 3701k
[SND]MADE ME GLAD VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:05 3706k
[SND]NOT ALONE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:27 3724k
[SND]NO OTHER NAME VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:26 3747k
[SND]OH HOLY NIGHT VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:30 3762k
[SND]HIS EYE IS ON THE SPATTOW VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:10 3837k
[SND]HOLY VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:12 3859k
[SND]YES WE ALL AGREE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:49 3864k
[SND]DAYSTAR VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:33 3865k
[SND]GOD VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:59 3870k
[SND]WHO WILL CALL HIM KING VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:43 3893k
[SND]WE ARE THE WORLD VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:35 3926k
[SND]YOU ARE NOT ALONE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:54 3952k
[SND]HOLY GROUND VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:11 3955k
[SND]BREATHE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:13 3978k
[SND]HEY JUDE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:09 4000k
[SND]BOHEMIAN RAPSODY VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:11 4092k
[SND]CARRY ON VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:20 4160k
[SND]ONCE AGAIN VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:32 4183k
[SND]WE WILL RIDE VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:36 4191k
[SND]FOR THOSE TEARS I DIED VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:52 4204k
[SND]JESUS SON OF GOD VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:45 4288k
[SND]YOU ARE HOLY RE- AJUSTED VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:53 4310k
[SND]I COULD SING OF YOUR LOVE FOREVER - VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:21 4312k
[SND]ANCIENT OF DAYS VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 10:56 4880k
[SND]HUNG UP VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:18 4971k
[SND]DWELL VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 11:42 5483k
[SND]STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:09 5558k
[SND]UNCHAINED MELODY VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 14:30 5782k
[SND]JESUS ALL FOR JESUS VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 12:42 5898k
[SND]PASSION MEDLEY VOCALS.mp32014-08-13 13:39 7482k
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