Karate Creed
I come to you with only karate,
empty hands.
I have no weapons,
but should I be forced to defend myself,
my honor, or my principals,
Should it be a matter of life or death,
of right or wrong,
Then here are my weapons,
My empty hands.

There's a new Karate Kid movie out and I'm excited because I love those movies.  I think this is like the 4th Karate Kid Movie that has been done.  I love these movies because it's not just about karate, they all have story lines that you can actually learn from.  And let me guess, if you have kids, they all will want to learn Karate.  And if someone has a disability, they might get inspired to take karate.  And I can almost guess that the immediate reaction is to not let them because they might not be able to do it.  And let me take another guess.  I'm willing to bet that some team of Doctors and therapists has that person with a disability all strapped in to their wheelchair, their feet are tied down, and they can't even get in and out of their wheelchair by themselves.

Let me start by giving everyone who can walk an exercise.  I want you to sit in a wheelchair with a tight seat belt on, an upper strap to keep your back straight, and tie your feet to the footrest.  And You need to stay that way for 8 hours.  At the 8 hours, you can get up and go about your normal business, or try to.  I'm betting you will be too stiff to move.  You might need to do a few exercises for a few days so you can get your full movement back.

Now, I have this question; if this person with a disability is tied into a wheelchair day after day after day, why on Earth would anyone stretch that person out for a few hours each day and have them do exercises, just to strap them back into a wheelchair where they have limited movement?  To me, that's beyond crazy!

As a kid, my team of "Experts" tried to strap me in my wheelchair, but I totally fought it.  Yeah I moved all over, but I learned tricks to stabilize my body so I don't move as much.  I can dress myself, transfer to and from my wheelchair, clime ladders, and I have no limitations at all.  But most disabled people that I know who are totally strapped into their wheelchairs, often can't even turn over in bed by themselves.

I have a yellow belt in karate, something that Doctors and therapists said would be impossible.  And I often say that the very worst thing you can do for a disabled child is to do everything for them.  DON'T!  If something can't be done one way, simply find another way to do it.  NEVER SAY "CAN'T".  The God I know says "All things are possible".  If you say you can't do something, you put a limit on what you can do with your own life.  If someone puts you down, you need to have the strength to ignore it and keep moving forward.

Karate is not about learning how to fight, it's about how not to.  It's a lot about self control.  And because of all the intense exercises that you do, it actually retrains the brain so you have far better control over your body.  Today, I have full range over my arms and legs, and I know how to full in a safe way so I don't get hurt.  I'm also safe going out at night because I know pressure points and can seriously hurt someone if I have to.  Plus, I have God.

So if anyone goes sees Karate Kid and wants to take karate, I think it would be a good thing as long as you find the right teacher.  They adapt it so it's safe for the individual.  And, they get to feel and be normal.  If someone can over come their disability, it makes it easier to figure out what God has planned for their life.  The only thing that can ever stop you, is YOU!