It was June 16th and I didn't even know it.  Everyone that knows me knows that I have had mechanical royalties issues over a song called "MAKER".  The writer of the song is a friend of mine who now says she never ever said I could do her song.  Actually she did, but I won't go into all the details because we both have different views on what all took place.  She's mad at me because I won't drop it, and I'm slightly mad at God because He keeps telling me to use it.  Trust me, I wish I could drop the song, but God totally says not to.  (oy)  

This blog relates to April 16th and I didn't even know it until I looked at the date with shock.  On April 16th Jenah and I spend most of the day on Twitter in public chat.  I'm guessing Jenah thought it was private, but it was public.  She was playing her usual games, so I just letter hang herself.  At one point she agreed to let me pay to use her song, but she wanted to drive right over and pick up a check without a contract.  I said no, I needed a contract first.  She totally stopped writing, and I can only guess she figured out the conversation was public and she was big time exposed.  Oh, she sent me a contract alright, she wants $15000.00 to let me use her backup track.

That's being taking care of, a friend of mind is making a special backup track so I can use the song and just pay 10 cents a copy on normal mechanical royalties.  I'm still upset because I want to pay Jenah more than that because she wrote the song, and I still like her.  She deserves more than just a dime a copy.  So I've been praying about it because I'm just still upset.

So on June 16th I woke up and God said "E-mail Jenah".  I said "No way"!  But God won, so I told God "You better give me a sign that this really is your voice because I don't want to be doing this".  I sent the e-mail and went on with my day.

God's sign started at the bank.  I'm a licensed Pastor but for a while had a problem because my bank wouldn't honor checks written to Pastor Snoopi Botten.  But I made another enquiry and got a totally different answer.  They added my title to my account so I can now get checks that way.  So I'm like "Is that a sign God"?

I went out of the bank just in time to see a friend coming up the sidewalk in a different wheelchair.  Now, you need to know that last year I got talked into getting a new wheelchair.  This chair is a mid wheel drive, gets stuck on anything and everything, has a small battery, and I hate my new chair!  I'm back in my old chair because I hate the new one that much.  So my friend comes up in this new chair that was 100 percent what I was going to get before I was talked into something else,  He wheels up in this thing and says "Someone was getting rid of this and I thought of you, it's yours if you want it".  Want it?  I need it!  My old chair is on it's last legs and I totally can't stand this new chair.  And what freaks me out to no end is everything about this chair down to the seat cushion totally meets my needs.  It's even set up for a left handed driver which I am,  I mean every detail about this chair is 100 percent set for me.

So that's what I call a sign from God.  I obeyed His voice and I got blessed far beyond what I expected.  I don't understand why God wants me to do "MAKER" so bad, but I don't have a choice because God keeps telling me to do this song.  I wish Jenah would understand.  I don't understand.  All I know is I'm suppose to use this song until the end of 2011.  I don't know why.