Karla FAYE Tucker will always be very special to me and I can't wait to meet her in Heaven and hug her.  In fact, I hope we share a mansion together.  The reason I want to meet her is because we never met here on Earth, yet I believe God used her to help teach me about the power of prayer.

Capital punishment in my eyes is wrong!  Karla FAYE Tucker was put to death in the State of Texas for murder, a crime she did before she met Jesus.  I heard about her on the radio and I prayed for her.  If she truly found Jesus, I wanted the world to know.  Death roll is the lowest place you can go, and it was my prayer that Karla be a light of hope for those who feel it's too late to come to God.

You can imagine how shocked I was when I turned on the 700 Club and saw Karla telling the world how she found Jesus and how He had changed her life.  I was too shocked to move because God had answered my prayer.  She was in the news a lot, and I felt like I knew her.  She brought so many people to Jesus before she was put to death.  But I know Jesus was waiting for her.  They talked about her last words on the 700 Club, and sadly I forgot what they were, but she went out in a blasé of glory.

Years ago in the mid to late 80's as I made my way home from the radio station, every once in a while I would find someone in the street who was left for dead and I was able to get them help and save their life.  I know I know, what was I doing out wheeling around downtown Minneapolis at 3:00 in the morning?  I've always felt I would rather die happy than to be safe inside a place and die on the inside.  And I knew I could be murdered myself, but that never bothered me, it doesn't bother me.  If I am ever killed, that person should be put on death roll, but it is my wish that that person meets regularly meets with a man of God.  If my killer comes to Jesus, repents, and truly has a changed heart, it is my deepest wish that the killer be forgiven and set free.  Because when someone comes to Jesus, the old things are passed away and they start a new life.  When I read the Bible, God is not for the death penalty and neither am I.  But, I'm also not for setting an unchanged heart free to that person can kill again.  So I feel like if death roll doesn't wake someone up to the truth, nothing will.

No one should ever be glad when someone is put to death, because you have ended the time they had to come to Jesus.  I don't have kids, but if I did, I would know that they were from God.  The best think I could ever do is teach kids about the evil in the world, and if anyone ever hurts them, return it with love.  I met my biological Father in 2007, and he put a sticker on the back of my chair that said "LOVE WINS".  And when I see people cheering for someone to die, they lose!  Death ends, death kills hope.  An empty soul doesn't care if they die because they have no hope, and their death changes nothing.  But, if they come to Jesus, love brings out the feeling of guilt.  And the pain they feel when they realize that their sins put Jesus on a cross, will drive them to help others not to do the same crime.  Love wins!  Putting someone to death only reinforces the message that there is no hope to people who already have no hope, and it actually increases crime because life has no value.  Love give value to a human life and changes the heart.  Change a heart, and you stop the cycle of crime.  Love wins!

Karla, I miss you.  I hope your mansion has an extra glow to it.