At age 9 I was in a typing class and the teacher brought a book of art in that was all done with a typewriter.  She started saying how hard it was to do, and I started laughing because it looked easy.  We got into a small argument over it, and finally she loaded a paper in my typewriter and gave me an hour to make a picture.  She laughed when I called her over saying I was done.  All the way across the room she laughed.  When she got to me and saw what I did, she gasped.  It was October, so I made a jack-o-lantern with the typewriter.  I also accidentally made history as being the youngest person ever to do art using a typewriter.

I grew up alone in a bedroom, so I spent hours doing pictures with the typewriter.  I took an art class in high school which helped me learn detail.  I use to dream of being a famous artist.  I remember when my typewriter broke and because of computers, it was getting hard to buy typewriters.  A friend named Diane Goodman who has just joined my facebook let me borrow her typewriter for a while.  I was hoping I could keep it, but she wanted it back.  It was a sad day for me because I didn't even tell her what I was doing with it and I didn't wanna buy it because you couldn't even buy ribbon any more for those.  So the day she picked up her typewriter I believe was the day I couldn't do art any more.

The video clip is very old so I apologize for the poor quality.  I wanted to show a clip of me doing art with a typewriter.  I was making a car for the news story which is the easiest thing to make.  A car takes like 4 minutes.  Other pictures such as the head of Christ took about 6 weeks.  I miss doing it, but I'm a musician now.

But I share my past work to help inspire people.  God is the creator, the Maker.  And we are all created in His image.  It's hard for me at times because I'm a writer, artist, poet, singer, comedian, and the list goes on.  And I get scared because sometimes I feel like I missed my calling.  I do everything equally well, and I wish God would narrow something down for me.  When people ask me what I do, I usually just say I'm a musician because no one would ever believe my mile long list of what I can do, let alone have the time to hear it.  But that's what God does, He blesses us with gifts.  And so no matter who you are or what your disability is, you can do all things through Christ.  So ask God to help you find your place in life.  You might be surprised with what He makes out of it.